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Oh, but what happened to that little girl?
Who used to dream of one day ruling the world,
Who used to draw pretty pictures in my room--beneath the moon
Destroying to create
Softly praying to "God" :
{ What do I do now? }


Name: Marie Louise Bonfamille

Birthday: May 10, 1996

- from France { bilingual : French & English }

- very ladylike and proper but can be very messy and carefree { when she isn’t trying to impress someone }

-  a hopeless romantic

- has snow white ears and tail when she is in human form

- sore loser / loves competition

- is very clumsy and gets hurt a lot

- absolutely loves to sing

Height: 4’8

Profession: Works at a coffee shop. { inherited money }

{ FC: PastelBat }

{ Based off of: Marie from Aristocats }

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