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Oh, but what happened to that little girl?
Who used to dream of one day ruling the world,
Who used to draw pretty pictures in my room--beneath the moon
Destroying to create
Softly praying to "God" :
{ What do I do now? }



6, June 2014

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Natalia Osipova rehearsing Don Quixote

Copyright @ Marc Haegeman

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Senpiez Theme Six!


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side art by unknowncreativityy

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When I come back (or when I get a computer) I will be making some changes.

I’ll be deleting character profiles and cleaning up a bit. I may move to a different blog, but I most likely won’t.

See you soon!


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  • Who is louder?
  • Who is more experimental?
  • Who takes more risks?
  • Do they fuck or make love?
  • Lights on or off?
  • Who is more likely to be caught masturbating?
  • Who is more likely to suggest a threesome?
  • Has either stolen the other’s underwear?
  • Who comes first?
  • Who is better at oral and who prefers it?
  • Who is more submissive?
  • Who usually initiates things?
  • Who is more sensitive?
  • Who has the most patience?
  • Which kinks do they share?
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I miss everyone. I miss Enya and Fox and Ham and everyone. I miss London especially.

Drop me a line, guys.

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